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Monitored: 26 days
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Invested: $0.00
Min Invest: 10
Max Invest: 100000
Referral: 7%
Lifetime: 26 days
Added: Jun 23rd, 2018
Withdrawal: Instant
Plans: 20% - 30%- 45% Hourly for 7 Hours
About Us Wish to make money? We know how to do it! It is only natural that you want to know how the company earns its money and how cooperation with us may help you earn money as well Relaxcoin Limited gains its income on crypto-currency mining. The company was established practically simultaneously with the appearance of the notion of crypto-currency as we saw its enormous potential and won in the long run. Since our company saw the beginning of the sphere development, our main income is raised from the mining of such crypto-currencies as Bitcoin and Litecoin, which is beyond reach for the majority of companies. You may say we were just lucky and that anyone with a computer and wit can do it. However, its not that simple. For the six-year existence in this sphere, we have made all the mistakes and bumped, probably, into all the hidden dangers there were in this sphere, which cost us more than a hundred thousand dollars. If you still think its easy, you are welcome to leave, if not this is what we offer
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Jul 1st, 2018 1 ↓ 1 1 ↓ 1
Jun 30th, 2018 2 ↑ 1 2 ↑ 1
Jun 28th, 2018 1 1
Jun 27th, 2018 1 1
Jun 26th, 2018 1 1 ↓ 2
Jun 25th, 2018 1 3 ↑ 2
Jun 24th, 2018 1 ↓ 50 1 ↓ 74
Jun 23rd, 2018 51 75
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